DaqBot  v.

A powerful trading software, which uses sophisticated technology that gives you top of the range betting facilities on Betfair.


Provides an enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair. Includes real-time price movement charts, market analysis, information displays and trading tools. No waiting to confirm or change the prices and amounts. It is perfect for

IxBet Pro  v.

IX-Bet Pro is a feature packed bet return calculator with the following suite of tools: Returns Calculator - Calculate the potential returns on a number of popular bet types, Single, Double, Treble, Fourfold, Accumulator (variable number of runners),

Bfexplorer PRO  v.2.8.3

The Bfexplorer PRO offers three types of user interface for bet placing, the market grid view similar to the user interface on betfair web pages, the selection list view (OCtladderOCL) user interface for placing, updating and cancelling bets, and Bfe

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